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Data Status 2012-13


Certificate for DISE2009-10 Data submission

DISE Setup CD C:\U-DISE 20 Oct. 2013 DISE Installation (Setup) Files  


Procedure to Implement U-DISE (for State Users only)


      Type of DCF which can be printed from DISE software  

      Roadmap for implementation of Unified District Information System for Education  

      How to Export/Import data into/from DUMP (dmp) file  

      Procedure to Start and Stop TNS Listener in Oracle  

DB. Organization U-DISE\DISEASST\ORGNISER   Db. Organization Module  

School Database U-DISE\DISEASST\SCHDATA 18 Nov. 2013

School Database - Print DCF, Data Entry, Inconsistency

Export/Import utility C:\DISE2001\DISEXPRT

14 Jan. 2013

Export/Import - Independent of Oracle Version



Blank Database


School, Enrolment, Teacher, Crosstab Reports

  Export/Import Utility Document   Microsoft Word Document

PDF Format

  Data Capture Format - 2013-14       PDF Format
  Data Capture Format - 2012-13       PDF Format
  Data Capture Format - 2011-12       PDF Format
  Data Capture Format - 2010-11       PDF Format
  Data Capture Format - 2009-10   Word Document   PDF Format
  Population Information Schedule   Word Document    
  DCF Instruction Manual   Word Document   PDF Format
  Pre-Initialized Supplementary Variables in DISE2009 Download    
  Starting Oracle8i   Word Document  

PDF Format


Features of DISE2001 Rel. 2.0   Word Document   PDF Format
  Creating Connect String   Word Document   PDF Format


WinRar Utility   WinRar (Compression Utility)  




UDISE (Unified District Information System for Education)

Contents Date of Upload
Software for School Report Cards 2012-13 05-02-2013
UDISE Software 19-01-2013
DiseXprt File          ||         Procedure to use DiseXprt File 19-01-2013
UDISE Data Capture Format 2012-13 03-09-2012
Steps for installing Oracle 10G 30-09-2012
Steps for Oracle 10G Configuration 30-09-2012
Procedure to import DMP File 01-12-2012
Procedure to export DMP File 01-12-2012
SQL Queries to generate data from UDISE Software 15-12-2012